Mearthane Products Corporation Acquires Precision Elastomers, Inc.
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Rubber roller assemblies

We manufacture high quality precision ground rubber roller assemblies up to 60 inches in length with extreme precision when design engineers need the tolerance.

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Core and rubber covering

Complete roller assemblies including cores and rubber covering. We bond rubber to metal as well as rubber to rubber, allowing us to produce dual-duerometer rollers.

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Synthetic rubber components

We also mold high quality mechanical urethane, silicone, and other synthetic rubber components and molded parts.

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At PEI, Inc. we specialize in urethane, silicone, synthetic rubber casting and bonding to metal to manufacture the highest quality rubber rollers, molded parts, machine cores, and finished roller assemblies.

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About us

Complete roller assembly

PEI specializes in manufacturing complete roller assembly, including cores and bonding of a variety of elastomers, as well as molded parts.

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Synthetic rubbers expertise

We specialize in urethane and silicone and other materials that can be found on our Engineering Data page.

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Specialty items

What sets us apart is our flexibility to manufacture specialty items which you require for your final assembly.

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