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Manufacturers of Precision Rollers & Quality Urethane, Silicone and other synthetic rubber products.

Roll Grinding Equipment
Cylindrical Grinders / 12 Total Lathes / 2nd Operation Machines
1 ea TOS Precision Grinder 12x48
1 ea Summit 12"x72" Precision Grinder
1 ea Myford 5x12 Precision Grinder
2 ea Landis Universal Grinders 12x24
5 ea Brown & Sharp 6x18 Grinders
1 ea Cincinnati 12x36 Precision Grinder
Lablond 12x36
Ciausing: 8x36 & 12x48
Hendey Machine 12x48
Southbend Precision lathe, bed length 8'
4 Harddinge Speed 2" operation lathes
6 ea Dumore Tool Post Grinder
In House Machine / Mold Shop and Secondary Operation Equipment Rubber Molding MachineryPartial List of Inspection Equipment - Includes:
16 presses up to 250 ton
Silicone Dispensing Systems
Curing Ovens up to 12' deep
Rubber Milling Machines
5" Beam LASERMIKE 183
Genz Optical Comparitor, digital readout
Digital Durometer w/SPC software
 Buty!EPDMHypalonNatural RubberNeoprene (chloroprene)Nitrine (BUNA-N)SiliconeStryne Butadiene (SBP)UrethaneFluoro-Elastomer (Viton)
Heat AgingExcel.Excel.GoodGoodV.GoodExcel.Excel.GoodExcel.Excel.
Sunlight AgingGoodExcel.Excel.PoorGoodGoodExcel.PoorExcel.Excel.
Lubrivating Oil ResistancePoorPoorGoodPoorGoodExcel.FairPoorGoodGood
Aromatic Oil ResistancePoorPoorPoorPoorFairGoodPoorPoorGoodGood
Animal-Vegetable Oils ResistanceExcel.PoorGoodFairExcel.GoodGoodFairFairGood
Flame ResistansPoorPoorExcel.PoorGoodPoorFairPoorPoorGood
Tear ResistanceGoodGoodExcel.GoodGoodFairPoorFairExcel.Fair
Abrasion ResistanceGoodGoodExcel.Excel.Excel.Good GoodExcel.Fair
Compression ResistanceFairFairGoodGoodFairGoodFairFairExcel.Good
Dielectric StrengthGoodGoodGoodExcel.FairPoorGoodExcel.FairGood
Freedom from OldorGoodFairExcel.Excel.GoodFairFairFairGoodFair
Maximum Temperature (F°)250350250210260260550215250500
Minimum Temperature (F°)-50-50-35-45-50-40-150-50-40-40
• NEOPRENE: All purpose outdoor-indoor synthetic rubber resistant to most chemicals, oils, weathers, etc. • EPDM: Outdoor weather resistant even under extremely severe conditions - resistant to color fade-heat-electricity.
• NITRILE (Buna-N): Especially resistant to aromatic hydrocarbons, gasoline, petroleum oils, mineral and vegetable oils.• SBR (Buna-S): Non oil resistant, economically priced synthetic rubber - especially noted for its low water absorption properties .
• NATURAL: Extremely resilient with high tensile & elongation properties - also resistant to flexing, permanent set & electricity - also used as seals in food and beverage applications. • URETHANE: Outstanding tensile and abrasion qualities - excellent resistance to wear, ozone, oxygen, kerosene & gasoline.
• SILICONES: Can withstand extreme heat or cold and retain flexibility - normal temp. range of -150°F to 550°F• VITON: In addition to its ability ti with-stand extreme temperatures it is also fuel and oil resistant.

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